Friday, December 30, 2011

Pinterest Project #4

Disney Princess Silhouettes!

This is the original picture that I pinned:

Immediately thought it was SUPER cute and that my niece absolutely NEEDED to have them. So I went to the dollar store and got frames and planned that all 4 would be the same size. Here are some of my preparation pictures:

I purchased just the wooden frames with no color and then painted them purple with cheap acrylic paint (her room is purple and pink). Wal mart bags make the best tarps (the cheaper the better I always say!... or sometimes say... depends).  Then I picked out the silhouettes that I wanted to use, and transferred the images onto poster paper by tracing. Here are the silhouettes that I used (you can find all kinds if you just google it).


Here is the finished product:

I chose pink and purple paint based on the color of my niece's room, and added sparkle swirls throughout all 4 images with elmer's glue and cheap glitter. Sorry about the pictures... I took 2 angles because of the glare.They came out ok! In the future I would like to try out the different sized frames. I think I like that look better!

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  1. You can get those different sized frames really cheap at Ikea.